AJ and Nico. I really like this shot. I wanted to keep the photo bombers in it as well. They’re blurry so it looks cool.
We’re alive even though we don’t know what life is.
And they came. And they went. Not a worry. Not a wince. #DrumCircle #VeniceBeach #Photography #WhatIslife?
The #lights. It’s a whole other world out here. Planet #Downtown #LosAngeles. #Art #Photography #Panorama. #Architecture. #Design. Photo inspired by @mvision_la
It may not be perfect to someone with a $4k lens, but it’s perfect to me. Lunar Eclipse. Blood moon and mars(top right). 4/14/2014
@johnnyclouds during his video shoot for #RhymesAndBeats. #photography #colors #GoodEye #Canon
#Venice #Art #photography
Hire me.

I’m back to the job search. I think it’s funny that I went to college and planned for my future by studying business finance in order to learn the things I would hire people to do when I started my own business. Meanwhile, I’m broke trying to find a job to save some money so I can actually put what I learned to use. I don’t want to work a job doing finance so it seems that I was backwards. 

And right now I’m trying to find either fun design oriented jobs or be an assistant. It’s hard though because I don’t have a background in design, but I am taking a design class right now. Hopefully I find something paying about $40k a year so I don’t take my education in vain.