I wake at 05:15 now. It’s rather early but it’s an experiment, sort of. I’m trying to keep at it. I hate going to sleep early though. Oh well.

It’s an experiment. I’m trying to keep at it.


I hate to admit that being a “grown up” is hard, but it IS. Life really shouldn’t be this hard. We spend our lives in school, at work, and then BAM… we are old! Ugh. Lets all be children forever. 

I love when you’re here even if I’m there.

I saw my mind today, my conscious asked, “Where’ve you been?,” my mind ignored it and continued to roam.

This is happening. #MarioKart with my bros. #ATO #Friday #ImAKidAgain
Oh. #IndependenceDay
#Beef. I’m #vegetarian. #Lunch
In case you haven’t heard. 
No more locs…